I sometimes find confusion in the marketplace, and it calls up some prejudices in certain people when I talk about meditation. Very few, however, because today is an enlightened age. Many things we once looked at with suspicion we now understand.

Meditation is not a religious technique associated with any sect, cult, or religion. Meditation is a proactive stilling and relaxing of the body so the mind can open to inspiration. Meditation is a proactive action, even if it appears to a casual observer it’s a state of doing nothing. Nothing could be further from the truth.

It comes up with the things of Think and Grow Rich. Think. That’s the same thing as saying the proper use of your brain is what allows you access with Infinite Intelligence, after all. That’s why neuro-science is forefront in the new Think and Grow Rich.

Then there’s those who think thinking isn’t enough are right. And those who think thinking isn’t essential are in error.

Both… We talk all the time about the primacy of thought. And we hardly ever leave the subject without also talking about the insufficiency of thought.

Thought is where it starts. And you do need to gather your resources, to find what’s worked for other people, to train, to intervene, to understand, to plan how you’re going to implement this into your life. And to associate with other competent people.

In fact, that’s what Napoleon Hill himself, who penned the genius descriptive title Think and Grow Rich, is on record as saying. The entire story can’t be told in a title of four words. But the primary essence is well communicated.

Napoleon says, “Action is the real measure of intelligence.”

I mean, do you really think you’re going to get rich from reading a book? It’s like thinking you know how to swim because you’ve read a book. You don’t, not until you get into the water, not until you get into the marketplace can you have any results.

So, it’s not thinking…Call it, if you like, paradox… You do have to get thinking right, but thinking alone is what screws and skews so many people. Consider both the primacy of thought and the insufficiency of thought.

Thought alone is insufficient to accomplish most big purposes…


Action Is The Real Measure Of Intelligence by Ted Ciuba,

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