Quantum Business Acceleration

Mind-set is pillar one of Ted Ciuba's proprietary Quantum Business Acceleration system. Said another way, the prime mover of the quantum leap is found in mind-set.

..Though it seems mysterious to the untrained linear mind, to make the quantum leap, you must be in quantum vibration.

Ted Ciuba wrote The New Think And Grow Rich to open people's minds, to describe that state, and to give any person who wants to be an achiever the guidance to enter into that holomagical state, and achieve the vast rewards that come from it.

Quantum Business Acceleration


The New Think and Grow Rich is an independently standing pre-cursor to making Quantum Business Acceleration. The prime mover of the quantum leap is found in mind-set.

As Ted Ciuba himself says it…

"The book was written primarily for my business acceleration clients, but I realized very early on, at the mind-set level (as opposed to specific strategic business practices and systems), the wisdom, insights, and strategies apply to anyone working to be a contributor in their own passions.

"Thus, I wrote the book with a general, mass audience in mind, simultaneously as I was providing the essential training for my quantum business acceleration clients."