Government busybodies and certain people in educational institutions really take offense when I say any ordinary person can acquire wealth.

Certainly it’s going to be wealth as they define it, and neither I nor anyone else can shortchange the price success in any field demands, but it can be had.

Any ordinary person can be independent, can get ahead, can discipline their vision because, truly, there is nothing in that person that isn’t equally distributed amongst any person of normal capacity. No extra brain cells, no protruding third eye, no wings of filament…

Henry Chambliss, in reporting his research on a longitudinal study of swimmers at all levels, from high school to the Olympics, concludes similarly, saying…

“The basic level of talent needed seems so low as to be nearly universally available.”

Now there are certain qualities they’ve chosen to emphasize, like decisiveness, like big thinking. Like asking, when they go into a business, “What is the formula that has proven successful for others? How do we create leverage and residual business?” They’ve learned to be strategic in their business. That’s what business is supposed to be, right?

You’re not supposed to have to go out and sell every day just to eat.

Consider the electromagnet….

You can have a chunk of iron. Sitting there, it’s a chunk of iron. And then, when you run current through it, it turns into an electromagnet. It acquires powers and abilities it does not have during periods of ordinary mortality. It attracts iron, and, because it’s electromagnetic, they both attract each other, and they might actually meet in the middle. Otherwise described as the Law of Attraction.

The current of an electromagnet does not change the chemical or physical make-up of the iron; it’s still the same bar. The only difference is it has current running through it. When you get that current, what you’ve done is you’ve flipped the electromagnetic switch.

You seek and receive great benefit from Infinite Intelligence. HoloCosm runs through you, absolutely transforming your character, powers and abilities, and the work you accomplish.

You’re not different. You’re not better, you know that. But you are achieving different things and attracting different things and having different experiences in your life, because you exercise the volition to charge your mind.

Anybody can flip the electromagnetic switch.


Any Ordinary Person Can Acquire Wealth  by Ted Ciuba,

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