Author's Four Word Summary Of The New Think And Grow Rich


I have been associated with this philosophy practically all my life. At age 20 the original Think and Grow Rich fell off a shelf in a old L.A. bookstore..

You know, that ancient, dimly lit kind with sagging bookshelves… And I always wondered how come they were dimly lit, when you’re trying to read… And the floors would creak, and they’d have cracks and chipped places in the floor where it was actually open. I'm scooting sideways down the aisle, floor creeks and the shelves sag forward, and a book falls into my hand.

And I knew it was magic. I felt the magic. Though I couldn't understand the book till some years later, and wouldn’t come to define the term til some 33 years later, I could feel the holomagic even in the closed book.

And, of course as, you know, time rushes forward. I’ve been into literature, I’ve been in business, I’m deeply involved in thinking and profoundness, this philosophy, self improvement business, sales.

After all these years of being with the philosophy, I then I spent years acting the philosophy out. Came from a business communications professor into the World Internet Summit. I was the original founder, circling the globe, making millions.

I was teaching people Internet Marketing, many whom I made quickly wealthy and famous, by-the-way. That organization is still going – the largest and longest running entrepreneurial Internet Marketing training organization in the entire world.

Some say I had a bit of good fortune that helped me along. I say, that’s the point.

And though it took a lot of years of understanding and philosophy, and a lot of hard work and market feedback to properly modernize and empower the expression of the dusty original to today's simulcast world, I can sum up The New Think And Grow Rich in four words.

Those four words are desire, intention, belief, and action.

More correctly said, it's desire, intention, and belief matrixed in action.

Most correctly said, it’s definite desire, clear intention, and knowing belief matrixed in focused action.

Action is the biggest challenge the book faces. A lot of times people think they can Kindle-read the book on the London tube as they rush back and forth to work, and then change. Change without doing anything. Change without changing.

But you’re smart enough to know you’ll never change until you get into action.

You start by forming – even to the point of writing it in a short statement – your definite desire. You define exactly how you’re tuned, what you want, and how you’re going to get it. You’re already in focused action, and this is enough that you’re now off in the right direction.

Then you move it from possibility, in this Quantum world, to probability. You accomplish that by moving on it with the clear intention to accomplish it and the knowing belief – to the point of certainty. Only in action informed by such spirit do you access your celestial powers. You move on it with the boldness and inner confidence of a champion, entering in—putting your body at risk, figuratively. You're too engaged to be afraid.

Thus you meet the four word summary of The New Think And Grow Rich: desire, intention, and belief matrixed in action.

That’s how you bring things from the invisible to the visible. That’s how you transmute the intangible thought impulse of desire into its physical equivalent. E = mc2 says that money, like the fulfillment of every pursuit, is your directed energy made manifest.


Author's Four Word Summary Of The New Think And Grow Rich by Ted Ciuba

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