This is an important secret. Some people need to hear it; some people don’t.

The principles, the concepts, the way we talk about, the things we talk about like primacy of thought, that HoloMagic c2 factor, reprogramming, they relate, not just to your pursuits in money, they relate across the board, in your relationships with family, friends, what you bring—contributive value, then receive. Make a quantum leap with your relationships, with your physical health. The choices that you make, decisiveness can make—decisiveness changes everything.

These concepts apply to whatever. If you’re into sports, if you’re into music, go ahead interpret. I’m dominantly into, and most of my work, is with clients in business. And, more specifically, focused on marketing and, more specifically, focused on the internet.

That’s my gig. Yours is what it is. I like to go places nobody’s ever gone before, for reasons they never dreamed… Beyond the literal into the figurative… Like, consider Roger Bannister. Nobody ever talks about the money he made from what he did. But boy, the achievement, the value! He’s spoken of and revered to this day as the man who defied and re-defined reality as the first human individual to ever run the sub four minute mile!

That’s what it’s all about. These things of The NEW Think and Grow Rich philosophy apply to your grandest, most heartfelt pursuits.


Beyond Business Into Your Heartfelt Pursuits by Ted Ciuba,

Hope y101 Quantum Success Secretsou use the good training you get here!

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