Devil Reveals What He Really Does In Outwitting The Devil

I was a guest on Joyce Barrie & Friends recently, and we began talking about Napoleon Hill’s new release (40 years after his death), Outwitting The Devil

It’s my pleasure and passion, too, and I also have read and devoured the book, Outwitting The Devil by Napoleon Hill. And I’ve never been in a group where we didn’t all have our own opinions. It’s kind of like with a complex poem… That said…

I think the reason it was suppressed is because Napoleon Hill went after the real truth!

He said, society is misleading you! And that means your government. That means your religious institutions and their leaders. And that means the military-industrial complex is really working against you!

And you’ve been mislead into thinking the devil is a moral issue, when the devil is you buying into this crap!

The devil’s got the world. Napoleon divided it black and white…

And the character of the devil in the story? It’s an old literary device to bring the devil in. Remember, we’ve had conversations with God, too.

Then he said, “The BIG crime, and what the devil really does, is he tricks people. And he likes to catch them when they’re young – that’s why he’s so deep into the educational institutions.

He tricks people into not ever being self-determining and into living below their potential.”

These things are the things people can’t see, and that’s what Napoleon Hill was seeing.

And for my money, the majority of people who read Think And Grow Rich don’t get it, and the majority of people who read Outwitting The Devil don’t get it, either.

Napoleon is not simple, but he is profound.

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