http://ThinkRich.com If all you do is what other people – your competitors – are doing, what is there that makes you a more obvious choice? Differentiation in the marketplace is key.

When, if you will do the things you probably already know would make you exceptional, the things that other people won’t do, can’t do, or wouldn’t dream of doing, you would be a standout choice.

For instance, in your profession, writing a book can be a very powerful differentiator… Now, I can make that a whole lot easier for you before you go writing a book, but what I’m saying is, the special things will make you special. Otherwise you’re going to be just like everyone else.

He fulfilled that vision, chance fulfilled that intentions, HoloMagic happened… It’s a quantum world where thought and act, seed and fruit, cause and result are one and one, they’re not separated. That’s quantum.

Be exceptional, boom! you are exceptional.

Do the thing other people won't do, can't do, or wouldn't dream of doing.


Do The Thing Other People Won't Do, Can't Do, Or Wouldn't Dream Of Doing by Ted Ciuba

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