Hi Friend,

Here’s my treatment of a very serious subject to quantum jumpers, presented in your language. 🙂

Eating Good Energy Packets

It was a funny dream. I was hungry, and I reached up my hand… A fruit filled it, and I ate and felt good.

And the next time I felt a little bit of hunger, I reached up my hand and it filled with a fruit, and I ate it and I felt rejuvenated.

It was more than the regular me.

“Wow!” I marveled.

And then I realized we are actually beings from another world, here. And part of what we need is a renewable energy source. So what they’ve arranged for us is a ready availability of good energy packets. We just eat this stuff; it plants an energy renewal; and then we go on and keep doing what we want and need to do.

Well, that’s great. And we’ve been trained, right? We were given instructions, trained, and even given post hypnotic commands to wake when we got here.

All things to say, everything we need is given to us: reach up hand; it fills; eat clean energy packets; be productive.

And I looked around, and everybody of every age, description, and chosen profession was buzzing, absorbed in their individual tasks, moving freely in a seemingly giant interconnected rhythm.

And then I asked that invisible Master, who I sometimes seem aware of, recalling how it is on Earth, “What happens if we don’t eat these good energy packets?”

Guess I needed to learn… He took form, snagged the professor’s chalk and scowl, stood, seeming with his heels together, dished out, then disappeared:

“Why, if you clog your system, then don’t blame me when you end up sputtering and clogging, inefficient, and troublesome. If you eat processed foods… Know this: you can’t reach up your hand and get that. If you nurture carnivorous appetites, which don’t really jive with your ethereal nature, if you want to over indulge on alcohol and sweets… Why, come on! That’s not eating good energy packets!

“You’ll have a tendency to forget and confuse, and you can’t rely on others… Don’t confuse; do remember the difference… There is a giant difference between satisfying the urge of hunger and acquiring the proper nutrition so you can run smoothly, cleanly, and efficiently.”

And I reached up my hand, a fruit filled it, and I enjoyed it. A pleasant tingle run down the back of my neck, I reclined to bathe in some of the warm rays of light, and woke in my bedroom.


By Ted Ciuba