In my mission to open minds to the mystical-quantum underlay of all benefit and blessing – whether that be in the realm of health, relationships, contribution, or finance – one of the books I often cite is Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill.

It bears repeating, because the secret is well hidden. It eludes most people. Truth is, it can't be stated in words that make it clear and verifiaable to the objective mind. That's problematic enough in a Western culture that's lost and denigrated so much of the mystical understanding of life's ways.

But it gets worse…

If there's anybody you'd expect to pick up on the secret, it would be Esther Hicks. But, though she sensed the secret was there, it was eluding her… She says so herself…

A longtime client and friend, Yeesuk Oh, sent me the following from The Astonishing Power of Emotions by Ester & Jerry Hicks.

She reveals her same attachment to the book as a teaching tool, and then she goes on to reveal what the authorities did…

An appropriate word for their efforts is "obfuscation" (Free Dictionary: "To make so confused or opaque as to be difficult to perceive or understand")….

In the first nine pages of Hill’s book, he instructs the readers to look for the secret. (He mentions "the hidden secret" 24 times.) Well, I probably read that book over a thousand times between 1965 and 1982, but I was never certain that I ever really knew what "the secret" actually was. I sensed that something was missing. Somehow I sensed that there was another factor in the financial- success equation. And so I began to search for the missing link.

During my continued search, even though I read through many books regarding many philosophies, Think and Grow Rich was still as close to what I had been asking for as I had been able to find, but much of what Hill knew he didn’t include in the book (because it wouldn’t have been accepted by the mass market). And much of the secret that he did put in the book was edited out!

About three years ago, I discovered an unabridged Think and Grow Rich manuscript…. As I compared it, word for word, with the version that I had been using for over 40 years, I was amazed to discover that the "secret" had actually been skillfully edited out. It’s no wonder that I was not able to discover Hill’s secret: It wasn’t there! ….Among many other potent omissions, the word vibration was edited out of the book 37 times….

And so it turned out that many of the "secrets to success" Napoleon Hill had discovered he didn’t even try to publish, and much of the "truth" he did try to publish in his first edition was edited out." (p. 8)

My advice? Without stirring any negative emotion, realize… They won't tell you. They fear you getting it.

So it's up to you to get your insights from those who your intuition tells you have got and can share the secret.

Uncovered And Left In Site - Ted Ciuba For starters read, Uncovered And Left In Sight: Where Napoleon Hill Hid The Secret. As you might expect, it is based on and makes references to the original, unedited version of Hill's landmark book.

It will open your eyes. It will give you the power you have lost. Your life will change.