“Is this your Fedora?” the man said to the Australian sitting in the airplane seat at the window. There was a lot of hustle and bustle and jostle – everybody loading on… “Is this your Fedora?” And I was looking at it up there and I mused to myself, “Wow, if this was me I would’ve said, ‘Is this your hat?’”

But those two men had a separate communication on a level where they understood Fedora. It’s a nice lookin’ hat, then I hear the Australian thing, “Yeah, mate, that’s mine!”

And they sort the luggage situation and all that’s beside the point.

The point is, at times when we can step into another world, and there are always moments, we can see something, grow something we’ve never done before. It’s a Fedora!

I still don’t know what a Fedora is; I vouch you I will. I didn’t know for sure what a Panama hat was earlier; I do assure you I do now. And I probably will become a collector of them both, speaking of such silly things. And it all begins with the distinction triggered in the boarding moments of a plane… “Is this your Fedora?”


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