In order to do your best work, in order to have the energy and power you need to be flexible and to turn here when the wind changes, or to turn there instead of here, in order to be a contributor under all circumstances, it goes without saying you need to guard your health.

Now, I’m not in the health field, don’t purport to be, but I do know what any common sense personal development coach would know and would practice – and I practice it myself: you need good diet. Not just any food.

You need to learn – basically the essential essence is – the more raw fruits and vegetables you consume the better your life will be. Think about it! This is from the Earth – designed by God. This is what Nature offers you in abundance. You need to learn that processed foods are not all that good. Could even be poisonous. You need to guard your health. What goes in is the fuel.

If you go and you get a quality fuel for your car instead of these cheap things – trash which’ll cause a sputter and pop and it evaporates twice as quick, and therefore you end up paying more for less anyway – you’ll be better off.

Same thing about guarding your health. Pay attention to diet, exercise, adequate, rest, recreation, love – you’re a social animal, and your spiritual life. All these things go together. And yes, these are all covered in the spirit – and we offer them to you in the same way – of The NEW Think And Grow Rich.


Guard Your Health: Motion Requires Energy by Ted Ciuba,

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