HoloMagic is a term I introduced into The NEW Think And Grow Rich and, simultaneously, into society. What is holomagic? How do you define it?

HoloMagic is that magical, mystical place where thought is one with action is one with results. Where cause and effect, there’s only spirit, there’s only consciousness underneath and consciousness wants to express, is a living thing, and does express through us, and our opportunity is to optimize our time with the torch.

HoloMagic is that magical mystical place where that power, directed by intention, travels through and manifests as effect. It’s that connecting link, the transformative agent, that holomagic c2 factor between the intangible impulse of thought, desire, and its fulfillment in manifest, physical form, being that super transcendent light described in Einstein’s profound, elegantly simple formula, E = mc2.

HoloMagic is the phenomenon. It’s the way we connect and reach that spirit. It is the power to acquire the power holomagic is, allowing it to float through your consciousness.

No it is not found looking in the little me; it is the celestial localizing spirit expressing its way out through you in this mystical, loving world we live in.


HoloMagic Is That Magic Mystical Place Where Thought Is One With Action  by Ted Ciuba.

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