People ask, what is this Quantum Physics that’s so integral in your philosophy and in your Quantum business acceleration system? And what’s this HoloMagic?

They’re actually very close to the same… HoloMagic happens, relating more to IT in action, and Quantum relates more to the science and the understanding of IT.

I've put together six simple points to explain the concept.

Number one: The observer affects the observed.

All is potential. This is science, by the way, I’m not making this up. And we can’t tell in advance if something is going to be energy or going to be matter. It will respond as consciousness directs. The only logical thing we can talk about is possibilities and potentials.

Remember, this whole concept is about changing energy, the desire for riches, into its physical-monetary equivalent, money. The observer affects the observed.

What this says is that our reality – the circumstances, outcomes, and results in our lives – is largely the unfolding of our consciousness – that subconscious level of consciousness.

If I’m doubtful and don’t go for a deal, I’m the one who ruled myself out. If I’m positive I’ve got the best and I go in, I’m the one who put myself in that situation, too. The observer affects the observed.

Number two: Thoughts are things. They’re not separate from reality. What you call reality is the canvas on which your thoughts are made manifest. Everything is Spirit.

In this quantum world there's no difference. It’s the same potential, potentiality. Everything moves from spirit into matter, back into spirit; and it moves back and forth endlessly. And though it may appear in different forms, it is never anything other than one view of spirit taking on a certain energy pattern that can appear as form.

The observer affects the observed; everything is spirit, things are not different. Thoughts are things.

Number three: The quantum leap is an explosive jump to a new performance or effectiveness level without going through all the incremental steps in between. It’s an explosive, permanent leap to a higher level.

Number four: Quantum leaps can be caused to happen.

Here's your point of power…

Once we discover quantum leaps, once we figure out what conditions facilitate and cause those quantum leaps, then it’s an easy thing… We set up the cause, and we reap the Leap.

It’s just like once we learn it's the angle you hit a pool ball that determines where it goes… Once we learn that, then we can craft our strategy and efforts to sink the most pool balls using the science of angles.

We do the same thing with the quantum leap.

Number five and number six carpool together, you'll see why.

Number five: You must make a qualitative change and your boldness happens the quantum leap.

This says you must make a qualitative change. It's not changes within levels you're looking for, you're looking for a leap to a new level. A place where they do things dramatically differently. You must act that out to make the leap there.

It's another dress of Nature's law, stated variously also as, "You must act as if," "You must become to be," "You acquire the power when you do the deed."

There's two aspects to this law.

It's not only what you do – something qualitatively different – it's also how you do it, in that you must move on it with confident boldness.

You must make a qualitative change; you must do something different. Doing more of the same of what isn’t working now isn’t going to work any better… Well, maybe just a bitty incremental better you might burn out in the meantime.

The other aspect of this law we often state as, "The Quantum leap knows if you’re afraid."

Actually, we say it that way just because it's memorable. The deal-killer emotion is not fear – if you act as you must, in spite of fear… The real issue is doubt and lack of confidence. Even in the drive of want, there's a doubt. Quantum, being that ONE spirit, knows you have doubt, so that's exactly what quantum gives you.

You can be scared, and that's okay. And you can be scared and bold simultaneously. But you cannot be doubtful and make the leap successfully.

You must enter into the Quantum leap with the boldness, conviction, and inner confidence of a champion. You must jump knowing you achieve. It’s a catchy thing when you also know at the same time you’re making a leap, which by definition for a terrestrial being, is a bit unsettling.

And number six: The Quantum leap does not require more work, it usually requires less – a lot less.

Like I said, five and six we lump together. There's a story Price Pritchett tells in his book You2 (pronounced You-Squared) which illustrates this companionship.

There’s a fly trying to get out the window. And it can see freedom—only thing is the window is down, the window is shut, so it keeps hitting the glass, even though he can’t see the glass.

Can’t see it, it can’t exist, right?

He should take some insight from his other senses. And he keeps trying harder and harder. And harder.

And, you know what? the strategy he has chosen is doomed to fail.

In the morning the cleaning lady will come in… There’ll be a dead fly on the windowsill, legs up and stiff… And she won’t do anything more than brush him into a sack and everything is—case closed.

The interesting thing is less than 12 feet away; flying through open air, no threats, no screens, no glass, the door is open.

Now what gave that fly that fixed lock on doing the same thing over and over again?

You know his strategy: do it harder, do more of it. It doesn't even make sense; if something's not working, do more of it.

You know… Back up now, instead of 8 feet before taking the next nose dive attempt at freedom, 10 feet. And now the fly has a 10 foot running start on the impact that shakes his brains. Doomed to fail.

When 12 feet of open flight in the opposite direction could’ve given that fly every desire he had. Including Life itself.

Yes, Quantum Physics is integral in our coaching systems – it forms the basis of our philosophy. Of course, there’s more, but this six point summary should give you a good grasp of the moving ideas developing in quantum physics that can be applied to quantum up your business profits.


How Quantum Physics Relates To Acquiring Wealth by Ted Ciuba

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