Not surprisingly I’m in a number of MasterMind groups… And the term has become so general it applies to a lot of well-intended meetings. So I’m in this internet marketing mastermind. We help each other help clients get more traffic, make higher conversions, etcetera. You know, internet marketing.

And so, we’re talking about one thing and another and I start sharing about this very project, 101 Quantum Success Secrets .And I say, “Well, if I’m going to have 101 secrets, then I obviously need to do some brainstorming.”

And I tell them, “I came up with about 200 different titles, story concepts, training sessions, and positions…” And then I shift gears to talk about our shooting plans when I’m interrupted by a chorus of voices saying, “I can’t believe that you could just sit down and write up 200 ideas for articles and for videos!”

It hit me, “Huh?!” Well, that’s pretty easy for me. That’s really easy for me! It was real easy, it always is. They can’t believe I’ve got the books out that I’ve got. That’s pretty easy for me.

Realize… How will you know what your strengths and gifts are? They’re pretty easy for you! Your talents, gifts, and inclinations are pretty easy for you. The whole rest of the world doesn’t look at it the same way.

Check! For me, talking about 101 articles and 200 article ideas? No big deal. For them? Impossible!

Now, in the same way, I’m not thinking about fighting in the ring. I mean. there’s a lot of world champ material out there… One guy I just saw on YouTube the other day, Gene “Mad Dog” Hatcher, was packing them up! Seventeen fights in a row that he wins, 16 of them by knockout. The last one killed his opponent. I couldn’t get in there and do that.

Then there’s guys that do this construction and do this engineering for building bridges. For me, it’d be impossible. And these guys in the military. They go out and fight wars! That would be impossible!

So, how do you know what your gift is? The thing that, when you get remarks like that, that show it’s obviously hard to everybody else, and it’s easy to you, you might go mining right there.

Take it as a sign!


How To Know What Your Strengths And Gifts Are  by Ted Ciuba,

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