Christopher Columbus and Steve Jobs are good examples of ignore reality. Both of these people were told it could noooot be done. “Everybody knows the world is flat.” Roger Bannister, one of my inspirational favorites, faced 4,000 years of the best athletes in the world failing at the sub four minute mile. It simply couldn’t be done, and the medical establishment had proven it couldn’t.

My best advice to you is ignore reality. Because it can be done.

In the famous words of Napoleon Hill, not written in Think and Grow Rich, by the way, even though often attributed to that source…

“What the human mind can conceive and believe it can achieve.”

I was doing some online reading recently, and they call it a “reality distortion-field.” That sure is an accurate description!

Steve Jobs made people believe the impossible was possible. When he started off there were no real personal computers. There were some elementary beginnings. And he created a qualitatively different experience than the old dark suit, white shirt, sincere tie IBM staff did. His vision played an instrumental role in the quality level the technology rolled out to the consumer at.

His competitors had to keep up with him. He set the bar.

Christopher Columbus discovered new worlds and we’re living in the consequences of his epic insight, faith, and determined execution on it.

Roger Banister was in medicine. He determined to be the first human being to run the sub 4 minute mile. He knew it was supposed to be fatal to anyone who even attempted it… He defied and re-defined possibility. Within 2½ years of Bannister’s record-breaking, seemingly unachievable sub 4 minute mile, eighteen others were doing it.

Anything is possible. My best advice for the thing that’s inside you striving to get out is commit. Commit. Let it out.

Ignore reality, move on your dreams. That’s your self, the master within, urging you, telling you what you can do, what you can be, if you will move on it.


Ignore Reality, Move On Your Dreams  by Ted Ciuba,

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