I get a lot of questions about the Law of Attraction. Of course, it’s become popular, right? They all seem to point to, “How do you make the Law of Attraction work?”

And you do it with a knowing form of meditation. This shouldn’t sound so weird. Saints and mystics have always said such.

But what about you and me? We’re neither saints nor accomplished mystics… What about the practical world of business and daily life? Yes, the process never varies, though every instance has its uniqueness…

You work HoloCosm the same way you work yourself;

And in working yourself you work HoloCosm.

For instance, you need some cutting-edge, breakthrough ideas related to a project and a goal you’ve set and you’re working toward. The process is the same, whether your presenting item concerns relationships, work, a potential business career or project, sports, etc.

You might do what Dr. Elmer Gates would do for his corporate clients, go into a deep meditation.

He had a little room, a special dedicated out-of-the-way space, and he’d dial down the lights… He could also dial the small desk lamp back up enough to write with pencil and pad after the inspirations began, because he didn’t have a computer back then. That’s it.

He prepared; tuned in; clearly defined his petition; waited; received.

How do you work the Law of Attraction? How do you make it work? How do you trigger the Law of Attraction?

It doesn’t matter what the issue or desire for advancement concerns… You work HoloCosm the same way you work yourself; and in working yourself you work HoloCosm.

He made all things ready, and he tuned in to the Force, like you might tune in any specific frequency… That’s the “you work yourself” part, the results of which work HoloCosm. He brought his issue before the altar of Infinite Intelligence. And then he waited, and captured the reply when and how it came, working out the details later.

He received inspired ideas on a regular basis with this practice – that’s the response of his actively stimulating into HoloCosm with the intention to receive back; that’s the Law of Attraction working.

You just need to get conscious about it, before you can ever, like Dr Gates, take control of and direct the process. Do you invoke the Divine Energy? Do you know your definite chief aim in life, and do the big projects of your life mesh with it? Do you clearly state your intentions? Do you review all you know to point? Do you listen for the reply? Do you allow synchronicity and new ideas? Do you followup?

That’s how you persuade a willing Universe in your favor. That’s how you harness Infinite Intelligence to your designs. It’s not mysterious, though some have misunderstood, and even feared it. Now you understand and can practice it.

Superior individuals like you and Dr Gates rely on it regularly. Like knowing your airplane will still fly… Flies every time you use it… Because the laws upon which it works do not vary. The laws surrounding aerodynamics don’t change from instance to instance or person to person… Nor do the phenomena surrounding the Law of Attraction, though it treats of a level more subtle than atmosphere…


In Working Yourself, You Work HoloCosm  by Ted Ciuba,

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