The hero-explorer Cristobol Colón, his real name, or, Christopher Columbus, in English, remains on the island of Hispañola, the island he named, in the Dominican Republic. His remains are in a monument in Santo Domingo, the city he founded, the first European city in the New World. And they have sailors walking in measured guard with rifles guarding his remains twenty-four hours a day. He came here on his first trip to the Americas, and he remains here for his final resting place in all the world.

Christopher is the man who is attributed to have discovered America, as you well know. His big thing was that the world was round and therefore he could sail around the world and find India, which is what he went looking for.

Wikipedia says, “In the early modern period, the voyages of Columbus initiated European exploration and colonization of the American continents, and are thus of great significance in world history.” No kidding!

He returned to Europe, never having known he’d discovered a new world! That came shortly.

Discovering America was a serendipity. And he was right that the world is round. This was his intuition, but it was not unformed, unintelligent, or unstudied action. My goodness, even the ancient Greek poets knew the world was round! It was what happened in Europe whenever their political leaders dumped them into chaos.

Columbus even had to lie to his sailors about the progress they were making, so they wouldn’t mutiny, because they all thought the world was flat. They all thought they could sail off the end of the world and lose their lives.

It was Christopher who stood up alone against everybody in society – royalty to rabble – saying the world is round.

He was forced to dissimulate and to mislead almost everyone in order to get his mission accomplished. He was intelligent and intuitive on knowing it would be.

That was a huge, huge discovery, even if he encountered adventures every explorer embraces as a feature of their trade…

He knew. He followed through. He fought for what he knew through intellectual study, experience, and intuition. And he is the one who actualized his life and his name. And they’re still showing reverence to one of the greatest, most accomplishing individuals who has ever lived. God bless his living soul.

What does Christopher Columbus teach you? That you can be that victorious, exceptional person if you will follow, even to the point of fighting for, your informed intuitions. Even to the point of proving them at the edge of your very existence.

And when you cause that quantum leap, greater things can happen than you have ever dreamed.


It Was Not Uninformed, Unintelligent, Or Unstudied Action  by Ted Ciuba,

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