Have you ever thought about the fact we think “big” numbers mean big things? But not in the micro world; they actually mean even smaller and smaller. For instance, inside the human brain there’s 100 billion cells. And between these neurons there’s up to 10,000 different connections each one with others in that brain. There’s over a million kilometers of connecting fiber inside this little skull!

These numbers are fitting to talk of the infinities of the Heavens, the worlds of the Gods, and they’re inside a three-pound gray mass that floats insulated inside your skull.

And have you ever considered how much energy it takes to change? People say it’s hard to change, and the culture supports that, all the way back to folk sayings, “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks.”

Surely, most people find quitting an addiction a very tough job.

Let’s do some exploration starting with the baseline quantum equation, Albert Einstein’s groundbreaking formula, E = mc2.

Defining our terms, we find in scientific notation:

E = Energy

m = matter

c =  the speed of light

Next we re-write the formula following basic algebraic rules and insert the variable value we have… It’s a small series of calculations that leads to the answer we’re looking for: the energy it takes to change.


Substituting the known variable, c, into the equation, we come up with an astronomical number which, when it looks in the out lens of the telescope converts into an infinitesimally small number.


All that to say the energy it takes to change is 28 billionths of a light-energy unit. That’s 28 billionths! If you’ve ever struggled to understand infinitesimally little, add this one to the marvels.

Spiritual and mystic philosophies through the ages have revered the light. Now you may better understand what they know.

It only takes 28 billionths of a light-energy unit to make a change!

We’ve always said the quantum leap does not require more energy. And while 28 billionths isn’t much to the rational human mind, in the striving human soul it’s more than enough!


It's Not Much, But It's More Than Enough. By Ted Ciuba

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