It’s not in Opportunity wherein lies fortune, it is in the individual who will accept and act on it. Accept and act on it.

Napoleon Hill was not the first person Andrew Carnegie had pegged, put aside, given his ideas about a formula for personal achievement that could be codified and given to the world.

Napoleon Hill was the last one.

Edwin C. Barnes was not the first person that was solicited to sell the dictograph machine that Thomas Alva Edison has invented and knew would be popular… he was the last person. Or actually, Edison had a sales force who couldn’t be motivated to sell that queer looking machine that nobody wants.

Barnes had been looking for his opportunity. “I can sell that for you Mr. Edison”. "Made by Edison, installed by Barnes:, Barnes retired as a young man, with millions to his name.

Asa Candler a drug clerk, drug store clerk, gave his life savings to an old country doctor… life savings $500 we’re talking about, in 1887. The old doctor was the one who invented, and was in possession of the formula that is Coca-Cola. Imagine that!

The formula came to Asa Candler. It made him a fortune. Over 120 years later gross annual sales are in the billions year after year after year…

Bill Gates was not the owner nor inventor of the Windows operating system. He bought it from another outright for $50,000, and rode it to a multi-billion dollar fortune in just a few short years. As I pen this, he is the richest business person in America.

It is not in the opportunity, but in the person, wherein lies the magnificent ability to turn it into magnificent sums of money… Like you can do.


It's Not Opportunity… It's Recognizing, Embracing, And Acting On It

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