As a way to call attention to and to celebrate the recent availability of The New Think And Grow Rich – Revised Edition, myself, as author Ted Ciuba, am giving you the entire multi-media $97 value program, 101 Success Secrets From The New Think And Grow Rich, for free, as my gift to you!

This is secret #3 of that series, keep your vision constantly before you.


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If there’s a first principle it needs to be desire, volition, what do you want? Keep your vision always before you. Because what you want—that’s what reminds you and gives you the fire every single morning and lets you hop down under the covers every single night, knowing that that’s what you are accomplishing. That’s the life you are creating. Keep your vision constantly before you, make it real.

We have the technologies for that called VAKOGËM, we’ll talk about in another secret. But, right now, make your visions real, exciting, uniquely yours and keep your visions always before you.


Hope y101 Quantum Success Secretsou use the good training you get here!

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