We talk about the primacy of thought and we talk about the insufficiency of thought. Both. And we talk about acquiring the right qualities, insights, and methods of thought.

So, here’s the thing. You must do something qualitatively different to rise to a new level, to foster, to impulse, and to experience the quantum leap. Otherwise you’re just working real hard… More work, by the way, not changing the kind of work, can only result in incremental, small results.

You’re pushed. You’re already strung out, and as a lot of people say, “Man, there’s nothing more I can do.” That’s proof you’re doing something ineffective. And doing more of something that’s ineffective isn’t going to make much difference.

You need to change the nature of what you’re doing. You need to do something different if you want to get different results. If you want that quantum leap, it’s in the primacy of thought where you start. You have to take control – or you let it never happen, and that demonstrates the insufficiency of thought.

If you don’t change, if you don’t investigate, if you don’t inquire and find what actually goes into making the quantum leap… If you don’t check in asking, “How am I going to feel?” above all, feel. And if you don’t wrestle with the unanswerable question, “How am I going to land?” etcetera… You already know, if you don’t change, things won’t change.

You’ve got to do something different.

If you’re going to make a dramatic, sudden, explosive leap to a new level there’s got to be something that builds the energy up that pops you instantly up to a new level. Doing something dramatically different with more power.


Make A Dramatic, Sudden, Explosive Leap To A New Level  by Ted Ciuba,

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