I didn’t always fear flying, I used to love it… But that was when it was new and I was young and it still was an adventure all in itself. That was before I knew about flights landing at 12:01 am to a closed airport in a foreign country, wind shears, failed approaches, sideways winds that had all the women screaming, babies crying, and most of the men, like me, white knuckle praying it… Take offs and landings in impenetrable fogs, planes flying upside down, pilots and control towers that couldn’t communicate because they spoke no common language, and waiting hours for that 1 degree rise in temperature so we can take off while they shoot antifreeze at the plane from a fire truck on two sides. Again and again.

I guess today’s equivalent of that much romanticized “the road” is still a cool thing. Even post 9-11 with uniformed, gunned crackpots mis-treating you, interrogating you, bullying you down…

It isn’t that I really thought I would die. I mean, after all, we’ve made it this far. And there’s statistics on my side. However, knowing the “odds” had never made much difference to me. I would try and be casual, repeating as an affirmation that old saw, “Air flight is the safest form of travel.”

Yeah, right. So I felt threatened I pretty easily could die when I decided to take that dreaded fear on in a face-to-face match.

How did I get here? Everybody’s got their own way, but when I was approaching fifty I started saying “I’ve got to do something to shake off this ‘aging’ thing,” this big cultural baggage that shoulds on you when you become fifty. All life is downhill once you’re over the hill. Like there’s a job waiting for me as a Wal-Mart greeter. And maybe after a few years of that I should walk out on the ice floes and save everybody the trouble…

“But this isn’t true! This cannot be true!” my inner self seemed to reason with me in shouts. The calendar was bringing it to a head, and I myself felt like I was scrambling in the crossfire.

So I needed an outer demonstration. You know the as within, so without principle? Certainly that’s equally true as in as without, so within. So I figured I could make certain the within got a high voltage charge from the activities I engaged on the without.

And it came upon me when I – of all things, and this is how holomagic works – saw a billboard. I don’t know what the billboard was advertising, or why it said this… And I only ever saw it once, just days before my fiftieth.

The billboard stated…

“You are only as big as your biggest fear!”

Click! I was going to jump out of a plane to celebrate my 50th birthday. That would tell my neuro-system in a dramatic way I was still young, popping, had much to contribute, and that I was rejecting any and all of that crap and social baggage of aging.

I was going to say NO to all the world, just like Roger Bannister had to have done in his own way – because the world, even backed by the esteemed medical profession, knew it was impossible to run the sub four minute mile.

Your mother would call you wrong. Your doctor, your teacher and your preacher would urge you tone down your hubris… The friends you still had would line up with those counseling eyebrows asking, “Do you really think ALL the world is wrong, and you are right?!”

As preposterous as it sounds, yes, me and Roger Bannister and Christopher Columbus and Copernicus and Galileo and Charles Darwin and Marconi, hopefully, you,“Yes,” we do say, “I DO really think that.”

As for me and Roger Bannister, it goes something like this…

“That may be what most people think,
but it isn’t what reality is,
and it isn’t true for me.

   So we did it.

My son and I chatted like crazy in the brisk autumn afternoon driving north to the Kentucky airstrip. Less than 60 minutes away my life would be hurtling before me… He went first, after extracting an oath from me I wouldn’t chicken out. He needn’t have worried that day.

The 1958 Cessna 180 sputtered, 2 1/2 miles above Earth…

I looked around. Three of the four people in the plane had a parachute strapped on, even the pilot, but not me…

The front man popped open the door, and my heart froze in the icy blast, beating faster than a hummingbird’s wings.

The guy at my side told me not to worry any. Easy!

My jump coach positioned behind me, clicked four hooks to harness us together, then it’s time to go out on the strut. I put my hand out and all of a sudden it… it’s like putting your hand out in the water when you’re in a boat, or out the window of a car at sixty-five. You know how it is… You just can’t hold your hands and arms straight. It was like that. Going 150 miles an hour. And finally, I catch hold and I manage it with my other hand and both feet, and I’m now on.

And the instructor tells me, “Rock!”

And I find myself hurtling toward Earth tumbling end over end sideways, backways, seeing the grains of sand in the world and eternity screaming to a dead start at 1,000 miles per hour!

You know by now I survived…

How can I describe the adventure?

Let me say I’ve never seen two and a half miles go so fast in my life! It was the greatest thrill I’ve ever had. All neural circuits firing high charge ion blasts. Every nerve cell in my body flashing in exponential overload those moments… And the landing was peaceful.

That leap is by all rights a quantum leap in my own personal saga, but more, as a participant-observer in the achievement realm, it’s a metaphor. That leap taught me a lot about explaining and demoing the quantum leap in ways most people can relate to.

Here’s a quick summary to integrate into your life and your business:

  • You can’t make the leap without letting go
  • You can’t let go without entering uncertainty
  • That’s what it takes
  • It’s worth it

So… People tell me “I’m afraid of the quantum leap, it just seems bigger and badder than I’m up to.” There’s two kinds of people in my business, and both of them often voice that same concern. You’ve got to sort yourself, I can’t do that for you:  a) those who don’t want it, aren’t interested, and b) those who do.

I can help people in the second category. But here’s what I cannot say, that you might like to hear.

I cannot tell you it won’t require a very strong desire, definiteness of determination, and courage. I cannot tell you those things, because those are the very tools you, as a self-determining star being, use to proactively command the quantum leap.

The quantum leap is not to be confused as requiring a lot of “work,” as in measurable calories of output, nor is it by any stretch an “accident” in Nature. It does require you do something radically different.

Further, I continue with more of what the majority of sheeple do not want to hear, don’t have the patience to get on for the long and fulfilling term with, and will turn around now upon hearing… You surely know the ones I refer to, because you have that before you as one of your two choices.

I can’t say you can jump without letting go, without having a period before you re-land in which you experience chaos and uncertainty, ultimately relying on the star being you are knows what to do to reach the higher level you aspire to in this integrated, evolving star world we inhabit.

And I can assure you who have the desire, the determination, and the courage to achieve greater things and put yourself into action, a lot of things will happen for you. You’ll be rewarded far, far beyond any moment of courage you may have to muster through to get there.

Do you remember when Asa Candler paid the enormous 1887 sum of $500 to an old country doctor? That was his life’s savings. He was betting everything he had to build his future. Years of industry and frugality condensed into a transaction that left him a 3-legged brass kettle, a stirring spoon, and a folded slip of paper.

What Asa Candler saw in that paper was a magical secret formula. It was just a dream, his wife pleaded with him, why else would the respected and intelligent doctor sell you his goods?!

It was more of a vision to Asa… From a Cosmic observer’s point-of-view, it might be characterized more as inner energies urging into the manifest world. Growth happens most at the edges. How would you feel betting everything on a commercially untried idea? Everything.

First year sales totaled $50. It took $70 to generate those sales. How do you say, upside down?

According to Wikipedia they’re now in more than 200 countries, serving 1.6 billion drinks every single day!

According to a Coco-Cola press release announcing 2010 results, Muhtar Kent, Chairman and CEO said,

"The fact that we are a thriving business after nearly 125 years is a testament to our youth, not our age. There is something special indeed about an enterprise that is in a state of constant renewal and dynamic growth. And while we recognize that challenges remain in our worldwide marketplace, we are confident that we are advancing our global momentum…”

What do you say to $35.1 billion global income this same 125 years later?!

Simply put… Making that quantum leap requires that leap. However, seems like a better risk than buying into the baggage and disappearing down the slow and feeble road of insignificance, doesn’t it?


Making The Quantum Leap Requires That Leap by Ted Ciuba

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