Neural repatterning required.

The very first words of the book, The NEW Think And Grow Rich, are, “It’s a world of cause and effect.” We live in that world.

Which means the life you’re living in now, the circumstances you’re in, are an effect of what created it, which was your thinking, your interests, the things that you followed up on, the people you believed, the things you thought you could do or couldn’t do. Over time, they led you to where you are now.

And if you’re not happy where you’re at, then, obviously, taking an aspirin is not going to solve the problem. What’s taking an aspirin? Getting along and having a little bit more money… You didn’t solve the underlying problem that’s causing the lifeache.

So, neuro repatterning is required. The only way you can get different results is by being different – originating from a different source, with a different intention and temperament, with a new level of decisiveness and determination. Neuro repatterning is required.

You must be born again to enter into new circumstances of your own making.

And fortunately, we’ve made so many advances over the last 25 years! We now have so much more insight into how the brain works and, consequently, how to work it.

You were largely programmed by the age of two. There’s a rigidity that sets in after that, when the human being develops to a higher cognitive level… And that presents some major challenges about getting new ideas in there. It’s kind of like a force field… Force won’t work.

Unless you become friends with the absolute latest technological advances and get the right coaches and mentors to help you, it’ll be like they’ve always said, “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks,” and, “A man never changes.” Neither of which are true.

They also used to say you’re born with a certain number of brain cells, and that’s it. They used to teach you’d never get more, and the only thing you could do was destroy brain cells. Which also isn’t true. Through research in neuroscience, we’ve discovered an enriched environment – motivating and engaging situations – grows your brain.

Dissections, EEGs, Cat Scans, MRIs… They’ve done it all. Both laboratory rats and human beings respond to an enriched environment with an increase in nerve cell count, increased insulation around the outgoing electrical impulse in the myelin sheath, an increase in interconnectivity and processing power, and increased brain complexity and mass.

All these things atrophy and contract in an impoverished environment

And the good news, you go all the distance from poverty to riches – from an impoverished environment to an enriched environment – by taking control of the thoughts, feelings, and beliefs you feed your brain– all of which can be controlled. If you can only get through that force field.

Just know think is a cause, grow rich is a result. Action comes in between. Action is the equals sign. If you’re not in the result arena you want to be in right now, you’ve got to go back and work with the causes.

Taking an aspirin, while it may relieve some immediate pain, doesn’t do anything to solve the long-term issue. It’s a patch on circumstances.

You must change your brain. You must change your thinking. You must learn about, try on, fit and adapt to a new mind set. And yes, I’m happy to say, neural repatterning is required.

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Neural Repatterning Required by Ted Ciuba,

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