It’s the old waiting to live, waiting to achieve, waiting to start that business, waiting to lose weight, waiting to quit smoking, waiting to quit drinking, wait-ting…ah! As if that was doing anything.

That’s why so often we talk about think and grow rich. It’s not only about think and grow rich, as in money, it’s think and grow rich as in learning about weal. That’s w-e-a-l. The first, may I suggest, four letters of the six letter word, wealth, are weal. Well being in every respect.

Look not, do not go after riches thinking that when you’ve acquired them then you can relax and then you can enjoy life. Your life is here, while your children are young, while the spouse of your dreams and greatest desires is in your arms.

Or, you could be like the accident victim who never saw it coming. It happened so fast! Though they’d always thought they would live, they don’t live.

All in a moment, never having lived you die.


Never Having Lived You Die by Ted Ciuba,

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