Rah, Rah! Can you come in and give the troops some pep talk?

Well, we can do pep talk as good as anybody, but actually, that’s not what we like to specialize in. We like to help people change and transform. That’s why we’re always talking about getting so clear, reaching where you’ve never reached before, throwing away incremental boundaries.

Don’t make your goals based on what you can see yourself reaching. Set your goals, your definite chief aim, based on what your heart and your destiny says is right. What you really want! Go to work.

Make it VAKOGËM. Make it associated with you in the center of the action. Get your Formula For Riches done. Get it where you can put it out in writing and see everything. Associate passion and love with this.

Pep talk? Feel good? We’re talking about you have the chance to harness neuroscience to your greater success, recognizing the quantum world, using neuroscience. Hey, if all you want is a pep talk, come on let’s get up, let’s do some jumping jacks for a little bit. That’s the equivalent of me, being the expert from outside, getting everybody to share and bond and then process on it a little bit… And then everybody feels good, but nothing’s changed!

Transformation is deeper than that, which is why we say change at depth. You have to do everything you have to do to change your programming. Because until you get down to the subconscious level, I’m sorry my friend, if you think you’re just a substandard human being and that’s all you’ll ever be, if you really think that somewhere down in there, you’ll never get ahead.

But when you change that to you’re a contributing human being, following your passion, adding value, and when you change why you’re doing it, then doing the same thing you get radically different results.


No Pep Talk – Change And Transform by Ted Ciuba,

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