We talk about planning as one of the qualities of The NEW Think And Grow Rich. It’s chapter 4, principle 4, “Organized Planning.” We also talk about the primacy of thought as we couple it with the insufficiency of thought. Planning without action is meaningless. Action without planning is ineffective, at best.

Most people don’t plan. They shouldn’t be surprised their efforts accomplish little. That is actually, by failing to plan, what they planned for.

And ooh, action without planning can be counterproductive; can be dangerous, you could actually be doing yourself more harm by moving forward without doing planning.

Then you get the others who plan and don’t go into action, and that’s meaningless, too.

So planning is required. That’s the primacy of thought. The insufficiency of thought is seen if you don’t do it right, or if you don’t do it at all. You only get results in action, so you must move into action. But, for effective action…

Organized planning is part of this philosophy for a reason.


Organized Planning Is A Part Of This Philosophy For A Reason  by Ted Ciuba,

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