And so it is said, so it is shown again… Others' laziness gives you a major competitive advantage. Other people are always trying to do the minimum that they can do and not get in trouble, not get fired, not lose their job, not lose their position.

Therefore when you come in, and you have to do this right if you intend to stay and hang and fly with those ducks… oh, ducks don’t really fly do they?

If you intend to hang with them you’re going to have to not do what you can do, which will make you look outstanding by doing what it is the way you should.

My advice? Don't hold yourself back! If it's necessary – and it will be – let them dislike you.

After all, you'll never fit in with them anyway… You'll always be the ugly duckling, because you're not a duck!

Bless them, and celebrate that others' laziness gives you a competitive advantage.


Others' Laziness Gives You A Competitive Advantage by Ted Ciuba

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