“Our doubts are traitors and make us loose the good we oft might win, by fearing to attempt.”

Shakespeare said that, in Measure For Measure.

Our doubts are traitors… It’s one big issue we all face, and most do not conquer, fear of failure.

People tend to look – instead of with the view that could make a quantum leap, instead of from a confident frame – with worry, fear, and the indecision fear of failure brings. “What will happen to me if I fail?” Fear of criticism. “How much will this cost me?”

And we compare it to a previous time, maybe, “I bought a program before and it didn’t work.” Of course it’s likely it didn’t work because you didn’t work it, you’re not fooling anyone but yourself, no matter who you deceive…

“I paid for a mentorship relationship and I didn’t get much out of it after the first few……” But that’s probably due to your own lack of initiative, not the on-the-ball coach you’re pointing the finger at.

Our doubts are traitors… It’s always fatal. You have to get over it.

I see this in the marketing arena, in the trading arena, and in the real estate arena. I’m going to talk real estate right now…

Everybody knows about houses. Someone wants to buy a house and they study and they read, and they study, and they take program after program after program and they never even buy their first investment property! They’re afraid.

Other people are doing sometimes four a month. Our doubts are traitors… The people doing four a month had the same fears. They had the same issues of not knowing what to do next. They moved forward, conquered.

They listened, they got guidance – they got the same guidance you got! “Look, here’s how you do it so you don’t get caught up and lose yourself, and lose your investment, and lose your house and family.” “Here’s how you start part time.” “Here’s how you do it without any money…” or whatever the answer is.

“Our doubts are traitors and make us lose the good we oft might win, by fearing to attempt.”

It’s the cruelest hurt, most so because we do it to ourselves. It can sabotage us anywhere along the way, in lack of persistence, and it can show off to others and yourself in lack of beginning… It’s the start that stops most people.


Our Doubts Are Traitors, Featuring William Shakespeare by Ted Ciuba

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