¿Hables Español?  …and do you yearn for greater success?

We're proud to announce the recent availability of The New Think And Grow Rich in Spanish.

That title, now available in both print and Kindle at Amazon, is…

El Nuevo Piense Y Hágase Rico by Ted Ciuba.

If you do speak Spanish as your preferred language, this is the treatment you've been waiting for.

Around the office we voted, and the consensus is this cover is  better than the English version!

In case your Spanish is a bit rusty, here's what it translates to:

"The transmutation of the intangible impulse of thought into its physical equivalent by quantum physics."

The statement below the graphic says:

"The law of attraction is more than a novel idea… Quantum physics teaches us it is the law of the universe."

That sums it up real well.

Either language, this is today's message in today's cutting edge way of making it work. 

We're proud to let you know about it. 

Recommend and gift it to your Spanish-speaking friends: