We like the illustration of the computer to describe certain aspects of this Think Rich philosophy. And one of them is the computer geeks’ old saying, “Garbage in, garbage out.” It’s called GIGO.

And it’s really true. It doesn’t matter how fancy or cutting edge your new computer or program is…

  • If your cat strolls over the keyboard, it’s garbage in, garbage out
  • If you can’t write an article for the life of you, it’s garbage in, garbage out
  • If you can’t figure out how to do Excel formulas, it’s garbage in, garbage out

The operational efficiency of the computer – hardware and software – notwithstanding, it’s really operator controlled. You are the operator in your life and business, and you determine what you create and what you experience.

You determine your results in life – your output – by the qualities and things you feed your mind – your input. If you don’t like what you’re living in, those would be the results of your thinking, change your thinking.

Put good stuff in, get good results out.


Put Good Stuff In, Get Good Stuff Out  by Ted Ciuba,

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