The biggest change in The New Think And Grow Rich Quantum Version is not necessarily making it modern to reflect the times, including case studies, examples and quotes from a diversity of sources and times and writing it in modern language. Those things had to be done…

Also, though 4 of the 13 named principles are renamed and recast, that’s not the big news, either.

The biggest change clearly involves embracing and elucidating the breakthrough advances of neurolinguistic programming, quantum physics, and neuroscience so you can harness them to your own success.

We talk other places about the almost miraculous results the conscious use of language and its structures makes… We defer you there for more on neurolinguistic programming.

So, what is the difference between quantum physics, as we apply, use, and benefit from it, and neuroscience? Briefly put, quantum physics explains how the process works.

We are participant creators of our own outcomes – the observer affects the observed. At the bottom of things there is no real “matter” and scientists who are developing this ever emerging new world view talk about the potentialities in a universal quantum field.

What is viewed as matter under one circumstance, can be, and does act and display the properties of a wave. At the bottom of all? Conscious energy. Spirit. Looks suspiciously like the all that is, the “I AM”. This opens mysterious implications, which reveal in mysterious outworkings.

After all, there’s much to be said on the concept of transmuting the intangible thought impulse of desire for riches into its material equivalent, riches. It is a natural outcome of Nature.

And one phenomenon quantum physics brings to the light is the much acclaimed quantum leap, our raison d’être.

A quantum leap is a phenomenon of Nature in which one makes seemingly effortless discontinuous explosive performance and income gains without treading all the incremental steps in-between.

These things are important, that’s quantum physics.

Neuroscience is how we operate our brain and consciousness to impulse the quantum leap for ourselves.

And neuroscience gives you the amazing ability, once you learn the subtle and highly specialized ways to do it, to direct 100 billion sparking nerve cells, with 10,000 dynamic neural energy interconnections EACH with each one, and over one million kilometers of interconnecting fiber to transmute the energy you generate in thinking with intent in the quantum field into external effect, matter. Said matter being money or circumstance you’d like in your life.

Now, let me ask you, if we can direct space ships to different bodies hundreds of millions of miles from Earth, if we can detect light and radio transmissions coming from stars and systems living billions of years ago in time, do you think you can figure out, much closer to home, how to work your brain for a change?

The quantum leap? Quantum physics explains how it works; neuroscience is how to work it.


Quantum Physics Explains How It Works – Neuroscience How To Work It. By Ted Ciuba

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