Quit thinking you need to have all the answers before you put yourself in position and make the quantum leap.

I’m here to tell you, that is beta thinking. That is limitation thinking. When the fact is, you are made of star stuff! You are a space being. It cannot be denied, you are the stuff of stars. You already have it IN you to make the quantum leap.

You also have the capacity to clutter it up, get too beta bound, too rigid and too fearful, and too thinking instead of feeling the excitement and the surge of what it feels like to express as a star being.

That’s definitely who you are. It’s time to quit thinking you need to get another degree, wait another year until you get that raise, or maybe wait for the economy to rebound. It’s time to do what you already know how to do, you have it in your DNA, in your celestial organism.


Quit Thinking You Need All The Answers Before You Make The Quantum Leap  by Ted Ciuba,

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