Know Your Purpose, Embrace Adventure

If you remember, last week I wrote with the good news that the Sub 4 Minute Extra Mile Series was now available on Amazon.com and in Kindle versions.

It's an achievement training system modeled from the secrets revealed in the training sessions leading up to Roger Bannister's moments of triumph in which he defied and redefined possibility by running the sub 4 minute mile. That's a whole 'nother story, which I retell in short in every volume in the Sub 4 Minute Extra Mile Series.

We have a great selection of titles… The plan is to review one per week for the time being… Short, direct, effective Quantum Business Acceleration training sessions driving you to success.

Watch the video, to get more exciting info on the Series, as well as to get insight into volume 2 in the Sub 4 Minute Extra Mile Series, Know Your Purpose, Embrace Adventure.

This volume, titled from two pieces, "Know Your Purpose" and "Embrace Adventure," forms a wise person's advice to a young person starting out on their quest. It gives the what to, why to, and how to of achieving your grand goals.

For starters… You'd be amazed by what kind of giant strides you can make easily, and without any effort, when you know your purpose. Now, on the contrary, when you don't know your purpose, well, how could you make any progress?

Obviously, even if you're moving, it doesn't mean you're making progress… Not unless you are moving toward something specific.

Every single question that will ever come up in your life is subordinate to knowing your purpose.

What is it you were put on this Earth to do?

Direct video link: http://youtu.be/eg8134oQq4c

Get your copy of Know Your Purpose, Embrace Adventure by Ted Ciuba at Amazon by visiting http://ThinkRich.com/s4m/vol-002