Review of "That HoloMagic c2 Factor" of Sub 4 Minute Extra Mile Series – Vol 3

Review of:

*That HoloMagic c2 Factor*
   Vol. 3 in the Sub 4 Minute Extra Mile Series
   by Ted Ciuba, PhD

Interacting with HoloCosm isn't just something that just happens; it requires meditation. It's an active event you can trigger and guide. Attune, ask, accept, amen… and then act. Go do what you've been inspired to do!

This mystery of how thoughts can be transmuted, transduced, converted, changed into physical matter… in other words, how you can change thoughts, desires and emotions into money… sometimes causes newbies to the subject to really scratch their heads. In fact, I've seen people who embraced it on faith who couldn't make the logical connection.

Well, that's part of the whole issue. It really is a mysterious, quantum, almost mystical thing.

In fact, it's cited in Einstein's famous formula, E=mc2.

The NEW Think and Grow Rich posits and uses that formula where 'E' is on one side of the equation, and 'm' is on the other side. E, Energy; M, Matter.

.When you look at the formula, the transformative element is, in fact, that HoloMagic c2 factor.

That's the whole purpose of this philosophy and these teachings…

1) To recognize that the mysterious quantum zone between your boiling desire and determination and its manifestation in normal, physical reality is that HoloMagic c2 factor.

2) Then, to get that energy built up so its transformation starts happening.

Nobody ever said it would be easy, or that you could grow rich with a single unreinforced thought a single time.  But you do have in your hands the formula to grow rich, the formula to ignite, empower, that mysterious HoloMagic quantum transformative element, that HoloMagic c2 factor.

May you do it. May it be yours!

This volume, like all books in the Sub 4 Minute Extra Mile Series is a collection of short, focused, intense, intended training sessions developing the natural health, wealth, and fulfillment current within and between you and HoloCosm.

To whet your appetite, here's a small sampler of chapter titles:

> Seek to Be Capable
> Reminding The Entire HoloCosm
> The Superior Functioning Of Your Body
> How To Work The HoloCosm
> Meditation Is An Active Event
> Believe In Your Success
> The Metaphor Of The Thermostat

Choose your symbols wisely, charge your symbols thoroughly, and stride down the path of your success surely.

Every intelligent student of human potential and personal achievement agrees that, to get ahead, you must go the extra mile.

But the amazing thing is, it takes so little to excel! After all, it's called the extra mile, not the extra 100 miles!

And our research has discovered that extra mile, when driven by a clear, strong intent, can be accomplished in remarkably dense, short, moments of time. Roger Bannister, our icon for this series, stands as testimony to that fact.

Roger Bannister defied and redefined history by running the sub 4 minute mile. Exact time: 03:59.4/10's. 6 May 1954, Roger Bannister redefined human possibility by clocking in a mere 6/10's of a second sub 4 minutes.

And the amazing thing is that Bannister did NOT spend countless hours training… He gave it what he could in his busy pre-med schedule… A mere 30 minutes a day!!

And now you, honoring Roger Bannister's history-setting accomplishments and methods, can make the same kind of history-breaking progress in sub 4 minutes a day! That's a single training session a day.

The leverage of simply sub 4 minutes every day is incredible! You, too, can defy the status quo in short, regular, focused, intense, intended training sessions of sub 4 minutes length and redefine possibility,