Announcing!.. Sub 4 Minute Extra Mile Series Goes To Amazon & Kindle!


Announcing!.. Sub 4 Minute Extra Mile Series Goes To Amazon & Kindle!

The day has finally arrived.

With great excitement we this moment announce to you the *Sub 4 Minute Extra Mile* Series.

It's an achievement training system built on the system modeled from the secrets revealed in the training sessions leading up to Roger Bannister's moments of triumph in which he defied and redefined possibility by running the sub 4 minute mile.

It's the antidote for today's time-stressed, budget-driven world.

The amazing thing is that Bannister did NOT spend the countless hours and hours practicing that conventional training would guide him to. He gave it what he could… In his busy pre-med Oxford schedule he took a mere 30 minutes out of his daily lunch hour to train and run. And with that he set a world record that had towered 3,000 years!

He ushered in a new era of possibility. Though no one had ever broken it, within 2 1/2 years time of Bannister's record-breaking, seemingly unachievable sub 4 minute mile, 18 others were doing it.

And how did he do it?… It wasn't a function of time. Conventional sports training encompasses hours on an almost daily basis, not 30 minutes!!

It was intention. Roger Bannister, in the short, focused, regular, intense, intended few minutes per day he wrested from his busy Oxford pre-med studies was throwing himself into the sport. He gave it everything he could, as an additional interest and pursuit in his life…

Moments before 6 pm on 6 May 1954, he takes a breath of vision and determination. He feels it! He confides to his pacemakers "The sub 4 minute attempt is on!"

Short moments later the shot is fired… The runners are off!! Roger Bannister breaks the string at the end of the mile in 3 minutes, 59 seconds, and 4/10's, trailblazing into the sub 4 minute mile age!

Recognition Point!! – This was NOT an unintended event! Recognition point!! Little efforts, little accomplishments – short, focused, regular, intense, intended training sessions – gear into colossal events!

This didn't happen by circumstance… Roger Bannister didn't "drift" over the finish line into the annals of history… It was the thing he geared all his intentions to accomplish, even though he didn't spend hours and hours a day in the quest to achieve it.

Which gives rise to the name of this series, The Sub 4 Minute Extra Mile Series…

Now you, honoring Roger Bannister's history-setting accomplishments and methods, can make the same kind of history-breaking progress in sub 4 minutes a day!

Defy the status quo in short, focused, regular, intense, intended training sessions and redefine what's possible and what you accomplish!

Short, direct, effective Quantum Business Acceleration training sessions driving you to success.

Watch the video, to get more exciting info on the Series, as well as to get a little insight into volume 1 in the Sub 4 Minute Extra Mile Series, *Create Your Life By Design*.

We have a great selection of titles… And there's more in the can… The plan is to review one per week for the time being…

Each volume consists of 19 intense, intended, focused training sessions, sub 4 minutes in length…

Just enough, with its directness, the power of the underlying message, and your processing to serve as your mental-spiritual training session of the day.

A little, but a lot. After all, it's not "time" that determines results… More correctly said in the words of volume 17 of this series, "Intention trumps time."

The massive effect compounds over time…