You just might want to know a little bit about this holomagic c2 factor. It’s one of the things some say differentiates the original work of Napoleon Hill from the work Ted Ciuba did.

Of course we’re in the same lineage; the new quantum empowerment as presented in The New Think And Grow Rich is built on the sturdy foundation of the universal principles of success as discovered and presented by Napoleon Hill. We even share parts of the same title. However, do not make the mistake of thinking this is the same book. It’s not.

Take that holomagic c2 factor – much more deeply connected and expanded. The coincidences that happen when you’re in focus, the synchronicities – the same time, same people, different ways… Like I had a person who made a commitment inside her head in prayer, “If this happens tomorrow then I will know this is a good sign.” Boom! It happened that morrow.

You know what I’m talking about?

You’re dozing off in the sermon, the last two or three words the preacher says are the words you need to hear! Or you see it flipping through a magazine while you’re standing at the checkout…

That holomagic c2 factor…

Where you knew, when you were in the second grade, what your destiny would be, who you were going to be. What your life was going to be like. You knew. You didn’t know you knew until decades down the road even though you knew you knew in the moment.

You took the right study of courses in school and college. You got the right introductions to jobs. You decided you had to go out on your own in a field that felt uniquely yours. You could be warned of a potentially bad deal, you can be given that inner knowing when it’s right.

All of this is the connectivity of HoloCosm. It’s underlying, overarching, interpenetrating, interconnected spiritual energy below everything.

It’s blowing through you; life is flowing through you, the Life Force. Easterners have been talking about that for a long time. It’s up to you, and that’s the point of this training session. That you come to awareness that you’ve got time, you’ve got energy, you’ve got responsibility to make of it what you will.

Get conscious; make contributions. Live in the rewards, the results. It’s always later than you think.

That HoloMagic c2 Factor by Ted Ciuba,

Hope y101 Quantum Success Secretsou use the good training you get here!

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