There’s an old saw and, as cherished as it is, it is at best a half truth. And that’s, “Knowledge is power.”

While, granted, we have no issues with the fact that knowledge can be converted into power, taken out of context, that “Knowledge is power” is not true.

What good does it do a person to know and not act to benefit from? What good does it do, for instance, to know there’s going to be a giant rush on the shares of some high tech company and not buy the shares? What good does the knowledge do?

You knew it, but you didn’t benefit.

On the other hand, somebody who knew it and acted on it, someone who converted their knowledge into power through action benefited. They also probably were taking a risk, but they had the knowledge, they jumped in, they benefitted. That was and is power.

Knowledge is not power. Knowledge may be converted into power by organizing it into definite plans and by expressing those plans in terms of directed and focused action


That Knowledge Is Power Is Not True by Ted Ciuba,

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