One of the very first things I do when someone comes to me and says they want to be successful, I ask them – this is material that’s out there readily available, “Alright, recite me your Formula For Riches.”


“You know, the Formula For Riches. Of The NEW Think And Grow Rich. It’s got 6 points. It’s so important, it’s on page 6 in chapter 1. Now, tell me… “

Not 1 out of 100 people anywhere can tell you what they really want in life. Most people are just surviving, not thriving, and are certainly not goal achieving. They’ve got a job, any job, just because they have to have money.

This six-point formula is all you need to change your destiny today.

Answer each of these on a piece of paper. Clean it up and make it better as you go along, or tomorrow, or the following week. Get started right now.

Number one: How much? How much do you want to make? How much and how are you going to measure it? What are your relationships, family, physical, spiritual, and fiscal selves like? Are you measuring by net income, net worth, residual income coming in? That’s your definite chief aim in life, the reply to “How much?”

Number two: By when? Because if you don’t have a when component how are you gonna get there on time? The only way anything matters is if it’s related to time. Think time is not a big issue? Okay, tell me you’d like your family to have a million dollar net worth… And I say, “Okay, I’ll give it to you.” You can trust me. Done.

And you start celebrating, because it’s yours! Only one thing… In one hundred years.

Are you still happy?

But if you want it in 3, 4, 5, or 5.7 years, those are madly different time frames, and things must and do move differently to accomplish.

So that’s one, How much? two, By when? and…

Three: How? How are you going to achieve your riches, your fulfillment? How are you going to make your contribution to this Earth so you are rewarded (which is all money is – a medium of exchange)?

You’ve got to amp up, infuse some quantum leap to your contribution to cause the quantum leap in income and the rewards that come with it. How’re you going to do it?

Is it through construction contracting? Is it through Wall Street investing? Is it through being the greatest health coach, the best abs coach, or your own version of the route I’ve chosen, the quantum business acceleration head coach? What are you going to do? How are you going to make your money? You’ve got to know. These are things without which you can’t even start the planning process, which is…

Number 4: Plan it. Plan it out. I’m talking about making some notes to get started, that you can keep updated… I’m not talking about absolute incredible detail because you’re talking about something that well may include 10 – 20 years in the future, unfolding.

You couldn’t know all those details, but you do know the general field of energy. You know exactly where you’re going, the field you’re going in, the way you’re going to achieve your unique successes, and what time frame you’ve decided upon.

The field is broad… Let’s say your field is music. One person will choose to be a producer; one person will chose to be an artist. Not only that, out of two choosing to be an artist, one person will choose to be a country artist and another will choose to be a rock. How is your way?

Review: one, How much? two, By when? three, How? four, Plan it.

Five: Affirmatize it. Make a statement so concise you can pull it out of your pocket or pocketbook and you can read and recite it at any moment. Definitely written on the front of a 3 x 5 card, something that can be said, repeated, used to energize and guide you. This has got your plan and its glory summarized on it. It’s your written record, your reminder at a second’s notice of everything you are geared toward, the answers to the questions: How much? By when? How? planned out and recorded in a concise high-impact affirmation so you can….

Six: Program it. Repeat it over, and over, and over again. Repeat it over, and over, and over over again. It could become a passage of a song you can’t get out of your head, such as one aspect of mine takes form and gives encouragement in the slogan, “World-roving freedom.”

Now that’s one aspect, but it encompasses a lot. It tells me enough so I’m not the same individual I was before I said it…

Program it: decide in advance, intervene with the intentful programming you’ve designed. Once you get the strike in your energy field, everything you do, everything you attract will, as it’s always done, come to you exactly in the proportion you let it know what you want and you go after it.

The way the process works won’t be any different for you or for the ninety-nine percenters… The process of manifestation works equally as well for the chaotic, unexamined, other-directed masses of humanity, too. It cannot not work.

The Formula For Riches will give you a quantum leap’s advantage over others – because you direct these natural forces to achieve specific ends of your own choosing.

This is the fitting place to start. If you don’t know how you want things to work out, how, on what schedule – as unrealistic at the actual plans may at first pass be – how can you possibly even start in the right direction?

You don’t drift into riches. You want to be successful? Alright, recite me your Formula For Riches.


The Formula For Riches  by Ted Ciuba,

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