You might get a kick out of this…

Yesterday I did a quick errand for a loved one, and ran to the hardware store.

Now you might be thinking I ran to Home Depot.

Nope. It was Ferretería El Bomobillo.

Now, as a marketer, I'm not privy as to why they chose to associate themselves with a light bulb (el bombillo), but you do have to give them credit for carrying their USP (unique selling proposition) through…

Then there's the "Mosquito Meter", on the opposite side of the street. "What? I asked myself, a "mosquito meter"?! Then, realizing this is a tropical paradise, I my self said to me, "Okay, a mosquito meter."…

Just for the record, I sure was glad, since I was standing in front of that mosquitor meter, that the current risks weren't that bad.

And because risk is a part of every worthy proposition of gain, and these were tolerable, I decided to go for it.

That's the way it looks form here,

    Panamá Ted