This is another one of those ironies. If you will read The NEW Think And Grow Rich you will discover it’s not genuinely a business book. True, most of the subjects are in business – not all of them – yet there’s very, very little of what you would learn in a conventional business training system or degree program, including our own.

We specialize in Quantum Business Acceleration. That’s where we talk about what controlling inventories means. That’s where we talk about innovation to breakthrough. That’s where we talk about our primary issues of business acceleration along with the other necessary items of running a business, such as employee training and overturn, compliance, etc.

That’s where we talk, and apply, and secure our Mastermind partners who can help us become, be, do, and have what we would like. That’s where we talk about what our specific niche is and needs are. That’s where we talk about using leverage in your product creation cycle. That’s where we talk about all the things that relate to differentiating yourself in the marketplace.

Just one instance… I was working with a CPA this morning… If you’re just another CPA, why would anyone choose you over the other options? More importantly, how could you justify higher fees?

On the other hand, if you’re a CPA who has busted fraudulent activity, has even got certified, and has testified before the Feds, now you’ve got something. Now you can advertise “If you’re worried someone in your company is stealing from you, hire me.”

The fact that your fees may be multiples of what the regular tax advisor / CPA charges won’t be so relevant when the prospect is certain it will cost them less to employ you than not to employ you.

No, The NEW Think And Grow Rich is not a business book, it’s a motivational book.

It’s the first step in a business system that can give you a quantum leap in business profits.

For those who enter the Quantum Business Acceleration coaching, consulting, or platinum programs, The New Think And Grow Rich serves as pillar one in a proprietary 8 pillar business acceleration system.


The New Think And Grow Rich Is Not A Business Book  by Ted Ciuba,

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