http://ThinkRich.com People ask “What is the purpose of The NEW Think and Grow Rich? By the way, that is not the same thing as what is the meaning or the message of The NEW Think and Grow Rich. The purpose is that to wake you up, so you drop the blinders that have been keeping you from standing up; taking your position, seeing the abundance of opportunity that exists… it’s all about mind set.

I don’t say that as one word, mindset, I said mind set. We call it pillar #1 of the Quantum Business Acceleration System. Actually, within our group, we call it quantum set.

The validity of the oft repeated statement has not changed… ”For things to change, you must change.

That piece of news causes most people a letdown… There is a natural tendency for the human animal to prefer the status quo, whatever that is… They call it homeostasis… More on the subconscious later, but we’ll never vary from this kind of thinking.

In fact, hang around our crowd, and you’ll come to solidly realize this is NOT bad news, but the BEST of news, because it gives you control of what you will be, do, and have – if you will only exercise your choice.

You realize that for things to get better, you must get better. For things to get Quantum, you must get Quantum.

The purpose of The New Think And Grow Rich is that you and millions of your brethren across the world, right now and every other time, wake to the reality of being proactive, accepting personal responsibility, of knowing you can be victorious. And it does start with mind set.


The Purpose Of The New Think And Grow Rich by Ted Ciuba

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