The quantum grail of achievement can be summed up succinctly in…

You and HoloCosm are one

You are not separate. The thoughts you think are not separate from the life you’re living. It’s how you think which determines the effects manifesting as your life.

One young person started a business because he thought, “I want to have a business that gives me independence, that I won’t be chained to, that will go on forever and ever.” So he started a moving business – using college students, by the way. He’s moving furniture, right? It was just an idea… But he built it up from a single pickup to a major enterprise across Australia, and it’s now franchising worldwide.

The other guy was just looking for a job; he’s still working for him, driving a truck now.

The quantum grail of achievement must be something like:

Thoughts clothe themselves in environment and circumstance

In the scientific language British quantum physicist David Bohm uses, which I myself, perhaps naturally, feel quite comfortable with…

The Implicate and the explicate are one.

They both got what they wanted, what they thought they could have. They both lived the world they assumed it to be…

You and HoloCosm are one. This is what quantum science discovers and teaches, like the mystics for millennia. The observer affects the observed. The entity affects reality in a huge wave of cosmic dancers there is perfect rhythm and harmony. It is a world of cause and effect, driven by consciousness, the same one that responds.

It’s not an easy lesson to empower. You should strive to understand, though asking to is tantamount to asking for a series of hard adventures to beset your way. If you prove yourself worthy, the power comes in due season. It is yours.


The Quantum Grail Of Achievement by Ted Ciuba,

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