No amount of force can cause the quantum leap. But it can sure keep it from happening.

This change is not done by force. Would you not agree it might even appear, on the surface, to require more agility rather than brute force? It cannot be accomplished by brute force. Working harder, slamming harder, making more sales calls, though it may get you some incremental progress – until you hit the point of diminishing returns and burnout – will never jump you to a new level of performance and profitability.

It’s just like in the high levels of athletics, discontinuous jumps in performance are not accomplished by brute force. They are accomplished by exercising consciousness, planning, imagining, visualizing, intending, and rehearsing the successful sequence of movements.

It’s like the process with a musician learning a complex new piece. With all due respect to some rock stars who bash their instruments, basically a musician is making artistic expression, level after level in endless interdependence… I’ve heard some of these musicians learning that music… And they start off playing studiously slow, and repetitively. Then they pick up speed, form and expression with continuous application and rehearsal. Then they groove in flow.

And so it’s not done by strength. One crashing entry by Hulk Hogan only brings destruction. Execution, elegance is the easier way. Less work, not more work. More refined work. Higher level work, more strategic work, not brutish force.


The Quantum Leap Requires Agility, Not Brute Force  by Ted Ciuba,

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