I know what’s at stake if you choose to read, consume, integrate and act on this philosophy called The NEW Think and Grow Rich.

But we’re marketers. We’re in a world in which different individuals have different preferences.

It’s just as if you happen to have a book about how to chisel designs into rock like the Celts did in the years 900 B.C. to 100 B.C. The book might be accurate, might have value, but am I gonna buy it? Nah, never. Wouldn’t happen.

No, I don’t care. Even if it’s free, I’m not gonna pick it up.

And though I find it hard to believe, some people feel the same way about success philosophy and about the spiritual life, about the quantum world which will allow you to figure out, tinker with, and recreate reality. Some people feel that way.

That being the case, it’s just for you and me. We get the secrets, we are insiders on this. Fortunately we understand we are creating a new reality. As within, so without. As above, so below.


The Quantum World: Figure It Out As You Go Along by Ted Ciuba,

Hope y101 Quantum Success Secretsou use the good training you get here!

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