Some people ask, “How do you do it?”

The same question is repeated to anybody who achieves noteworthy success, who continues throughout the years to achieve success… “How do you do it?”

It seems to be so rare.

I submit that there is a secret and that secret could be related to the word, the concept, the feeling, the emotion around paaaassssiiioooon.

You see, when you’ve got the passion you don’t need discipline. You don’t need to be told, or reminded, or be beating yourself up about what you oughta be, coulda be, woulda be – should be doing… You’re doing it.

You’re moving in the different aspects of that same old world they report on the news… But you sure get along differently.

Yes, what you do you do with that driving sexual-emotional charge harnessed and redirected with its same attributes of drive, interest, keenness of imagination, courage, persistence and creative ability directed into your profession. It’s all there.

Your finest moments are in front of you now if you will associate passion to your definite chief aim, pursuits, and activities this moment!


The Secret Power That Passion Gives You by Ted Ciuba,

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