At first glance it doesn’t appear there is a reason for the order, or a sequential aspect to the principles of success Napoleon Hill chose, the which we honor that tradition in The New Think And Grow Rich.

But let me suggest there is a very strong reason why you might prefer – as you go through the  Quantum Leap Mind Training  system – to think of yourself as ascending through levels 1 to 13. The 13th level being, in this metaphorical journey of restructuring the neural pathways of your mind, your vision and the actions you take that make it real.

To this end, in conjunction with you arriving at and completing 13th level, you participate in the “Initiatic Commencement.” It signifies you’ve developed yourself, been tried, and proven yourself competent to operate freely on the “new level” of quantum transmutation you will be at…

You will finally know and execute on the oft quoted, little actualized quip, "Thoughts are things."

It's similar to the final cap on the school years being the “commencement” ceremony. The students have finished their preparatory years, and are “commencing,” or “beginning” their years of productivity.

The metaphor holds… Engage with  Quantum Leap Mind Training, and there will be a definite before and after.

You’re going through a psychic, electrical, nervous system restructuring in positive, beneficent ways. Fact is, things are changing: Your powers are developing. You are progressing.

The thirteen levels in Quantum Leap Mind Training build on one another. There are processes set in motion… working.

There is a reason for the sequential aspect of The New Think And Grow Rich. Start feeling the surge of self-confidence. Throw sparks from your engaged mind that’s been quiet for so long…

Be sure, there is progress. Each week. Whether you are objectively aware of it or not.

Celebrate each week. Each level is a marker.

Thinking of it that way will help you real-ize the progress that you’re making.

It's a long journey upward, and the masses will remain in the foothills…

Be encouraged – that vision that calls you forward, the one that seems so distant now…

The journey itself develops the rewards you seek, your powers of discernment, sound strategic judgement, and the changes in your world you would have.


Travel well!

    Ted Ciuba

Neural Repatterning Therapists
Quantum Leap Mind Training