What the crossroads means is you’re going down the road, you’re doing things in your life, business, whatever, and you come to a fork in the road. You’ve got to go one way or the other. And you know, as poet Robert Frost says, how “way leads on to way,” you’ll never come back to the other option, whichever one you take.  So, which road you take is vital. It means all your life and existence.

Let me give you one example. When I offer to take on a quantum business acceleration client, they must consider the money involved, as it’s not an unsizeable sum. However, considering it in relation to the payoff it can be expected to return, the right decision becomes much easier.

The way left is free. What that means is you keep your money and continue living the same unsatisfactory existence and unfilfillment you already desperately don’t like. If your business is already softening, it’s only a matter of time…

The right road rises sharply towards a quantum performance and income leap that changes everything and makes all life fruitful and business profitable and rewarding.

Here’s what you discover… The left way, where you keep the money, you keep your old self. The right road where you invest your money brings you vast richness.

You shall be telling it ages and ages hence… Be not mistaken, this is one of those crossroads moments. The way you choose does make all the difference.


This Is One Of Those Crossroads Moments  by Ted Ciuba,

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