There are certain watershed events in a person’s life which change all their life. We can point back to the day such-and-such happened. To the day… This is pretty common in young athletes. You often hear some athlete, a boxer, for instance, attribute his career to seeing Smokin’ Joe on black and white T.V at his uncle’s house.

Or whatever it is. Watershed events when you meet an individual that you end up marrying or going into a business with. That can change your life dramatically.

It could be one day when you’re seven years old your dad brings home a gift he picked up from the office discards that you feel attracted to… A photocopy machine. You figure out how to fix it, and you develop into a mechanical genius with a significant career.

I’m here to say this monumental moment, this moment as you meet the principles and instructions of The NEW Think And Grow Rich, revised edition, could be one of those days.

This monumental moment you shape and forecast your entire life and career, no matter who you are or where you are, if you jump into it.

Vibe with the resonance, and move on it. Action is always required. Execution is what makes things, not thinking.

Just as one of the very, very top insurance salesmen who’s ever lived, the still legendary W. Clement Stone, says, “One of the greatest days in my life was the day I began reading Think and Grow Rich.”

One of those greatest days, this monumental moment could be that moment for you!


This Monumental Moment Could Be That Moment  by Ted Ciuba,

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