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There is a long written tradition of this genre of personal development, the science of personal achievement. The first written record we have is Sun Tzu, in The Art of War.

Now, of course, it’s tailored towards the specifics of war rather than art or personal development, but, read it. It’s a personal development text.

One of the greatest things he says, and he hammers home on this to the military students, is…

"Turn misfortune into gain."

Of course, you already know you can’t always control what happens. War is like a sporting event, which is like life. There's lots of competing interests, lots of opportunities to encounter as opportunity or a weakness. But you can always turn misfortune into gain.

Of course, there’s paradigms that forecast the big picture… Such as… Who is the most prepared? Who is the most strategic? Who’s got?… you catch my drift.

But it isn’t that you won’t lose a battle, or a particular play, or that you won’t lose the flanks on a certain day. Your efforts are to win. But – you're fighting a war! And the very game – like a game of football, exposes your players to danger.

But superior strategy balanced with excellent execution – when the odds balance out – usually win in the end.

So yes, there are the short-term events, too… The necessary sacrifice… Keep the focus on when you do encounter a misfortune, you turn misfortune into gain.

So, as you move forward in your achievement events, realize these are not “obstacles” coming up, these are calls on your prowess, and really, since you are self-developed and ready for them, opportunities to strut your stuff.

Problems are not something to be avoided, they’re something to be sought out. Because solving problems when everybody else is running, if you come in and solve the problem – oh, that’s the ancient story of the hero, now isn’t it?

Oh, and the hero gets all the goodies!


Turn Misfortune Into Gain featuring Sun Tzu by Ted Ciuba

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