Welcome, friend. My name is Ted Ciuba, author of The NEW Think and Grow Rich, and it is a kickoff celebration of The NEW Think and Grow Rich, the revised edition, which has prompted me to put together these 101 quantum success secrets from the themes surrounding The NEW Think and Grow Rich and make them available to you.

So I just say welcome, welcome to video #1, secret #1 in the series. Welcome to the book, welcome to the way of life and welcome to what we say as… “All things in the spirit of The New Think and Grow Rich”.

What are you going to get here? Well, the title says it all, 101 Quantum Success Secrets. One after another, short, brief. 101 messages, 101 secrets, each of them in 101 seconds or less. It can have profound, profound influence on your life.

I found – I “encountered” is a better word, since I wasn’t consciously looking for it – the original Think And Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill in 1971 as a 20 year old. I was in Alhambra, for those of you who know L.A., the East L.A. area. It fell off the bookshelf into my hands. A tingling like a mild electrical shock went rippling frommy hand and heart to spaces outside my spine…

That was 40 years ago and there’s been a lot of water gone under the bridge, including, which I’ll tell you about in another secret, a close encounter with death, al la Napoleon Hill and the quantumized version of the book.

Now, here we are releasing the revised edition of The NEW Think and Grow Rich. It’s 21% shorter than the first one, has 42% changed content, and really makes the quantum, neuroscience, and neurolinguistic technologies available to you. And there’s a lot of other advances that you must harness.

And here’s the secret for this, no matter how good this philosophy and this regimen and this training system is, no matter how good it was in the original, how good it’s been carried forward, all the testimonials, "The book that launched a million millionaires", no matter any of that, action is the real measure of intelligence. Nothing will work if you don’t work it.

So make that commitment right now! Number one video message! The secret? Make that commitment. And we’re not going to vary from that kind of thinking.

So like I said, welcome to 101 Quantum Success Secrets. Have fun, enjoy the journey, re-steer your destiny.



Oh, and here's the…

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